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The best part about us that our clients tell us is we do not provide what they want, we help them with what is best for them. That always is a gamechangers for our clients and it brings enormous ROI to them.

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Are you confused which solution will give you the maximum ROI? Don’t worry, we got you covered with 3 step formula

  • We will do a complete analysis of your website and digital assets like Facebook, Insta, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube.
  • We will devise a custom digital marketing strategy based on your current standing & goals you want to achieve.
  • Finally its the time to reap ROI by launching the sustainable digital marketing campaigns.

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About Abhishek Jain (Founder/CEO)

Mr. Abhishek is an industry leader carrying a vast experience of 9+ years in digital marketing industry.

He is known as the SEO Champion in the industry.

He is a TEDx Speaker an international author with 2 books published in his name and being a Blogger he writes to share his wisdom about SEO, Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship at Rusty Blogger.

One of his book is “Why SEO Fails You?” where he has explained 7 blunders that business owners make while hiring an SEO Company.

His 2nd book “DIVERSITY - It changes the perspective you see the word” is listed as a world record by “world book of records” being the most diverse book where 45 authors contributed on diverse topics.

He is also the creator of Zero Budget Digital Marketing Framework which help business owners to kickstart digital marketing without spending a single penny and till date trained over 1500 business owners with his expert workshops.

Why SEO Fails You? -SEO Book by Abhishek Jain
Published Author Of Book

Why SEO Fails You?

Penned by India’s No. 1 SEO Expert for B2B Businesses

Let me tell you why I felt the need to pen down this easy to read and handy SEO book.

Indian digital marketing & particularly SEO industry is highly misleading as there are no clear cut delivery & result clarifications.

Hence, it becomes a huge task for business owners to choose the right SEO company for their organic LEAD GENERATION. This is where this amazing hand book will help you.

The book reveals all the information that you’re desperately looking for, all the insights you need today and all the secrets only the SEO experts know & they don’t share with anyone else.

You will save lakhs of your rupees after reading this and hiring right SEO agency.

More importantly you will save a lot of time & energy which you can put in your core business activities to grow it.

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Pay-per-click advertising

Get your website in front of relevant searchers: PPC is a great way to get your website in front of relevant searchers. It targets your audience with specific keywords and get your message in front of them when they’re searching for what you offer.

Effective way to reach your target audience: PPC is an effective way to reach your target audience. You can target them by location, demographics, interests, and even keywords. This ensures that you’re reaching the people who are most likely to be interested in your product or service.

Cost-effective way to market your business: PPC is a cost-effective way to market your business. You can only pay if someone clicks on an ad, so you’re only paying for results. This makes it a very efficient way to use your marketing budget.

Help you achieve your business goals: PPC can help you achieve your business goals. If you’re looking to increase brand awareness, clicks, or conversions, PPC can help you get there.

Flexible marketing tool: PPC is a flexible marketing tool. You can adjust your ad campaigns at any time to change your focus, budget, or target audience. This allows you to always be testing and tweaking to get the best results for your business.


Social media marketing

Connect with your audience: When you engage in social media marketing, you are directly connecting with your target audience. This offers an opportunity for you to establish connections with them and do more than just promote your products and services.

Increase brand awareness and reach: By being active on social media, it’ll increase the chance of getting seen by your content by target audience and become familiar with your brand. The more they see your content, the more likely they are to remember your brand and consider using your products or services.

Generate leads and drive sales: Social media marketing can be used to generate leads and drive sales for your business. By creating compelling content and offering incentives, you can encourage your audience to take action and buy from you.

Stay up-to-date with your competition: When you engage in social media marketing, you can stay up-to-date with what your competition is doing. This allows you to adjust your own strategies to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that you offers best in class products and services to your audience.

Get feedback from your target audience: Social media marketing provides you with an opportunity to get feedback from your target audience. This will helps to improve your services, products, and overall marketing strategy.


We offer the most effective SEO services for your website

Help you reach a wider audience online: SEO may help you reach a bigger audience online by ranking your website higher in SERPs. This can lead to greater website traffic and sales.

Improve your customer satisfaction: SEO can also help improve your customer satisfaction by making your website more user-friendly and easy to navigate. If your website is easy to use and delivers useful information, customers are more likely to return.

Build trust and credibility: SEO can also boost your business's credibility. Your website's search results show potential clients that your business is credible. This can boost your website's conversion rate.

Increase brand awareness: SEO can also help increase brand awareness for your business. When your website appears in search results, it provides potential customers with another opportunity to see your business name and learn more about what you do.

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  • author-avatar

    "Never Expected that Social Media Can Be So Powerful. Got a tremendous response from the whole AEC(Architecture, Engineering & Construction) community with the social media content produced by the Digitofy team.
    I was skeptical whether they would be able to understand our audience & expertise but they did an amazing job and helped us scale our community to a level from ground zero.
    Abhishek & his team helped us to build a community of more than 2500+ AEC Professionals(Architecture, Engineering & Construction) in just 6 months which is still growing fast."

    Ar. Karan Atodaria
    Founder/CEO - Seedtree Collaborative (Pune)
  • author-avatar

    "I found Abhishek via his Zero Budget Digital Marketing Masterclass during the 2nd Covid wave.
    His content was transformational & helped me to take the decision to choose him over our previous SEO partner who was not yielding results for us.
    His team is dynamic & understands the aesthetics of a manufacturing company quickly & helping us gain more business consistently through our website."

    Mrs. Madhuri K.
    Director at V-Tech Hydraulics, Hubli
  • author-avatar

    "I cannot thank enough to Abhishek & his team for handling our digital marketing when we were dipping in traffic.
    They not only revived our traffic but also helped us get consistent leads within 6 months and till now have generated additional business of over 50 lakhs a month."

    Akhilesh Chitlangia
    India’s #1 Plywood Expert & President (Sales & Marketing) at Duroply
  • author-avatar

    "We are getting leads almost every day by the simple methods taught by Abhishek to our team.
    Close 2 international deals with Leads from website even in Corona Lockdown."

    Manish Khatana
    Director - Palladium Safety Solutions, Delhi
  • author-avatar

    "Thankyou Abhishek for being a Digital Marketing Mentor to me.
    With a work centric Facebook profile audit & updation. I am able to showcase my work & position to 100's of potential people within 24 hours of implementation."

    Shilpa Choudhari Patil
    Principal Architect at SCP Architects, Pune

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