Why Google My Business Listing Essential To Achieve Targets in The Local Market?

Imagine you had to book a restaurant for your friend’s as a surprise birthday party.

And you practically don’t know much about the place.

What will you do first?

“Take out your smartphone. And start searching for the best restaurants near your area.”

For instance, the “best restaurants near me” or restaurants near sector 18 Noida”.

Nobody would look for a place in Chandigarh when they reside in another place.

That’s how Google listing comes into your savior.

Google My Business Listing Example

It helps you find the best services, restaurants, or any search query near your location along with its reviews.

Another reason why the importance of Google My Business is increasing exponentially.

You have started a retail outlet, let’s say in Noida. But, somehow are not converting well when it comes to sales.

Why is that?

It’s because your business is not visible to your target customers. So, how will they come to your outlet?

Here’s why Google My Business listing is helpful for creating an online presence for your brand.

Let’s start with a brand story that used demographic targeting as a part of their YouTube campaign.

Brand Story of Minute Maid  

I am sure you know about this brand. It is one of the well-established juice brands in Asia and many Europe countries. 

However, they were unable to get through convenience stores in a large part of Thailand.

They used the strategy to engage their customers, who in reality, are a fan of YouTube videos more than anyone.

They leveraged their passion for buying their brand even more. By creating awareness and making it possible for their users to understand the importance of their brand in their lives.

Hence, helping them to grow their marketing and sales simultaneously.

Although, the said example is nothing near to GMB listings. But, it gives the impression that one needs to understand a local market to rule there.

Now that we have understood the importance of local markets or local listings for the survival of your brand.

Here is How Google My Business is beneficial for your company as a part of your incredible local SEO journey.

1. Improves Visibility On Search Engine

As already mentioned before, Google my Business is like “Yellow pages” which makes you accessible for thousands of customers online. It’s like a free ad that shows every time a related search query is entered.

best seo company in noida

Not even customers, but various companies also rely on Google listings for finding reliable partners to do business with.

So, an impressive GMB listing will make it possible for you to reach out such an amazing customer base practically at no cost.

2. Offers Consistency Throughout The Online Space

Having a Google My Business listing gives you the much-needed credibility in the eyes of Google.

Plus, you can maintain your business profile across the search engine in terms of address, contact information, and relevant data.

3. Good For Impressing Your Customers Right Away

Google My Business helps to improve the first impression of any brand in the eyes of their customers.

This is possible because Google allows uploading photos and products of your store. You have complete control over the things you wish to share for making an impactful first impression.

4. Analyze Your Position 

GMB gives you the opportunity to analyze whether or not things are going into your favor.

It gives you the desired analytics and data that can help you change your local SEO marketing strategies.

5. Management of Online Reviews

Google My Business listings enable your customers to write reviews about the services or products of your company.

It is a perfect opportunity to fix anything from the customer’s point of view. And make it work for your company in terms of brand’s recognition and conversions.

6. Opportunity To Directly Engage With Your Customers

Using GMB listings, you get a chance to share posts stating about new offers or anything related to your brand.

Plus, you can add extensions to enable your customers to reach out directly without having to look for your business website first.

But, the question still remains is, how Google My Business helps to improve your local SEO rankings.

It is confirmed that GMB uses a range of factors to determine the rankings of any business. However, the most important ones are listed below.

7. Relevance

It determines whether or not your business profile fits into the criteria of the searcher’s.

So, being clear about your business services and products will help Google to identify as the product of desire.

8. Distance

Distance is like the primary ranking factor when it comes to local SEO rankings. As mentioned above, you can’t rank for Chandigarh, if your store is in Noida.

So, ensure to keep your address right or else you might lose your potential customers to any competitor brand.

9. Prominence

It includes a lot of factors such as reviews, events, unique content. If your website has a lot of quality links, then your GMB listing has more chances to be shown in the top 3 locations in SERP rankings.

So, keep your listing updated at all times.

The main part of the article has focused on the benefits and other factors related to ranking higher on local rankings.

But, how to go about it is another challenging task.

However, we have enlisted some of the tips and tricks to help you optimize your Google My Business listing for magnificent local SEO rankings.

Checkout Google My Business of Google Local Listing Optimization Tips

1. Enter Your Data Correctly 

One of the best ways to mark your presence online is to post correct data about your business whenever creating a listing.

This will help to indicate that your business is completely genuine and that your business is the solution of so many searcher’s search queries.

Google My Business Listing DetailsThere is a thing called NAP, whenever GMB listing is talked about. It means “Name, Address, Phone Number”. You must be consistent with these required criteria to help Google understand that your business does exist.

2. Keep Your Business Hours Accurate

It is essential to notify your customers about your availability on normal working days and social holidays. It gives your customers a feeling of confidence regarding your brand.

After all, you are saving so much of the time and money of your customers.

3. Include Photos

Photos are a way to tell your customers that you are a real brand. And that you have a physical location from where you conduct your business.

Plus, it is an opportunity for you to lure in the customers by publishing relevant photos that have a higher customer engaging ability.

4. Manage Reviews

Online reviews are extremely important nowadays. It gives other customers other than the existing ones an idea of what’s beneficial for them.

Plus, replying regularly to every type of review gives an idea that you care about your customers a lot.

To wrap it up, claiming your GMB or Google My Business is the primary step towards an incredible SEO journey this and the coming next few years.

So, make sure to get it right in terms of target keywords, and mentioning the right location and name for your business.

And eventually grab more deals, leads, and ultimately conversions.

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