Ways to Optimize Website for Google Voice Search?

Google Voice search allows users to search the web by speaking commands instead of typing. It can be used on desktop and mobile as well. Users have to speak ‘OK Google’ through voice command and then speak the topic you want to search. The search engine will then display the results of your command. It is more convenient for a user to speak rather than typing.

Voice Search may seem like a small concept but it has gained importance over time and people cannot get enough of it. The concept got its inauguration from smartphones and then spread to voice assistants worldwide. Google voice search has changed the way Google handles search queries. Teenagers are proven to be savvy users of voice search.

The Hummingbird Update

Google launched a major update in 2013- the Google Hummingbird. It considered user intent and contextual meaning of queries.  It relies on Natural Language Processing that recognizes voice, interests, and behavior. With the passage of time, Google learns your voice, language, and accent. It had a positive effect on the accuracy of Google’s knowledge.

Ways to optimize a website for Google Voice Search?

If you want to be a successful marketer in 2021, you will have to adapt to the latest trends and give the audience the means to access your website. Earlier SEO strategy focused on text search but now you have to prepare it for position V.

Position V is the voice search result read out aloud by Alexa, Google, or any other assistant. Everything depends on how well you optimize the pages for voice search. You can optimize a website in the following ways:

  • Page Speed Optimisation

Google prefers websites that load quickly. Out of the two websites, the one site which gets faster load results is on the top of the search list. That is why speed is important for all types of search whether written or voice-based.

  • Securing Website with SSL

Google also secures websites that are secured and most importantly certified. HTTPS ensures the visitor that your site can be trusted and lead to good online practices.

  • Creating FAQ page for Website

For voice search optimization you should be able to provide your readers with relevant answers. You should be well versed with the most common and basic information about your industry that users can ask verbally. 

  • Create Long-Form Content

SEO depends basically on the quality of your content. Articles should prove to be helpful to your target audience. Good content has the ability to draw them to you. The search engines will rank it better and people may become regular readers.

  • Create Short-Form Content

Long-form content is useful but short-form content can also help you to attract people for answers to their questions. This increases influence and grows your pool of readers.

  • Simple Words and Short Sentences

People who use voice search ask simple questions that assistants can understand and translate into results easily. If the answer is right and valid then it is likely that people will click on the link and open it. 

  • Social Media Activities

Everyone uses at least one platform of social media today to connect with their friends and family, read news, share information, and update stories. If you have some content that has the potential to go viral, then there is no other platform better than social media to share your content.

Voice Search has emerged as a new trend and marketers need to adapt it to survive in the new online world. Little and consistent efforts are needed to make your website voice optimized.


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Abhishek Jain March 28, 2021 0 Comments