Does Web Design Affect SEO?

With good SEO, any user will be directed to your website, but without a good web design, you can’t be so sure of their interest or their satisfaction on your website. Web design has obvious effects on SEO as search engines may not encourage an average or underdeveloped website as much as it would for good and creative web design.

Good Web Design and good SEO make your advertisements worth projecting. 

As Google is trying to make the search engine experience better for its users, it has no time to spare on a bad website. With the new algorithm updates, it steers to provide the users with the best experience with the most desirable website experience.

Good web design is the backbone of SEO; every company must invest adequate resources to create innovative and efficient web designs as it improves search rankings as well. Keywords help to direct a user to your website, but the job to retain the audience is of the company.

As far as web design is concerned, try not to be too trendy and hasty with the designs as they aren’t long-lasting. Branding must leave a long-lasting experience and ideally, your work must ensure that it is done by making a visually appealing website. With superior rankings, your probability of reaching and retaining audiences is also higher. 

How does web design impact SEO and how to improve it?

1. Page Speed

 As an essential factor in the ranking of your website, page speed is an important factor in satisfying search engines and the users that they direct towards your page. With heavy images and flag plugins, your website may become slower and reduce traffic as well. Try not to bombard your website with these just because you can.

2. Navigation Design

Even a well-decorated fast website may fall flat in the eyes of a user if the navigation tools and options aren’t presented clearly. For example, if the user is at an e-commerce site and can’t find options for choosing sizes or to set the budget, they may get frustrated even before they look through your products.

A good navigation design must focus on the ease that any user feels being on the website or page and to deliver the service inconvenience.

3. Parallax Design for Landing Pages

This design indicates developing the entire website on a single page. This is a unique feature as creators can use the same remarkable background and include and innovative menu option that has the relevant categories for the information a user is looking for.

You can use the above features, to make your website engaging, interactive and informative for users to experience maximum satisfaction and convenience.

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Inbound Marketing- Where Strangers Turn Into Customers and Influencers of Your Business

Remember this famous Kitkat Ad that made lakhs of online users go crazy.

They smartly used the concept of the life of a doctor and asking them to take a break with their product. And feel the happiness and relaxation that is usually missing in their busy lives.

A dream sequence that everyone craves for. 

An appropriate ad that helped the brand to revive their relationship with the customers. 

Marketing nowadays is not about the product or services. It’s about the user.

Do you service or product fills the missing link?

If yes, then only you can prosper in today’s marketing world. Or else you will have to face the heat.

And enters a marketing methodology that is specifically created to drive visitors or customers in the hope of converting them into potential buyers.

Inbound Marketing

A strategy that is all about making searchers find the answers to their queries organically.

It’s like a person poking you every now and then about buying a house in their society.

And you find a house and somehow reach a destination on your own.

What will you choose?

I am pretty sure the latter one. After all who likes all those messages or calls persuading you to do a thing that you otherwise are looking for, but somehow feel agitated as if they are forcing you to do that.

Studies advocate the use of inbound marketing strategies that have more than 4% conversion rates. 

But, before going ahead and discussing why is this type of marketing tactic is essential for your business, let’s consider two primary elements of inbound marketing strategy.

– What Are Your Expectations?

Look at the strategies as a part of improving your brand’s credibility. If your brand becomes popular among users and searchers, there will be no looking back at all.

Be clear about what you are looking for.

Strategies that focus on customers take some time for driving engagements. But, once you pass the first stage, people are going to notice you for sure.

Hence, more projects because of the successful word-of-mouth marketing campaign led by your early users.

– Are You Looking For Short Term Or Long-term Success?

If you are looking for short-term results, then inbound marketing might be frustrating for you. 

Because these marketing tactics take time to generate results as compared to outbound marketing practices. And thinking you can reach thousands of buyers overnight is a joke.

Inbound marketing strategies definitely take time to take off. But, once they do, your company will be counting numbers every other day.

What Are The Benefits of Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is all about reaching the right place at the right time. Hence, significantly increasing leads, conversions, and eventually ROI. 

Building your brand using inbound marketing strategies helps in a number of ways. 

For instance, the following are some of the benefits of using inbound marketing strategies. 

– Acts A Bridge To Fill The Gap

The market today is filled with companies that work more for earning profits. On the contrary, customers want to choose a brand that offers a relationship based on trust.

If the trust factor is missing, customers are more likely to go with the brands that induce the trust factor.

And inbound marketing strategy does the same for your brand. It fills the gap by enhancing the trust factors for your brand.

– Stops The Business From Being Too Salesy

Forcing customers by continuously sending them signals that need to buy your service or product is a thing of the past.

Customers choose the companies that appear on different search channels or results. It helps them to understand the authenticity of the brand as the signals are coming from different channels instead of one.

According to insights shared in an article published by Hubspot, here are some things that will help to analyze inbound marketing strategies better.

Inbound Method in Marketing

Inbound Method For Conversions

Inbound Method For Services


Once the basic foundation is set, let’s move on to the marketing channels that form the part of inbound marketing strategies.

These include- 

. Search Engine Optimization

This is probably the most common type of inbound marketing that marketers have been using since ages now.

But, the technique is not tricking the search bots. Rather, making yourself accessible in terms of value to the customers so that they click onto your websites naturally.


I know you must be thinking that I have gone completely mad by adding PPC to this list. But, there is no doubt that PPC is an inbound marketing strategy.

Reason being, people find these ads only after looking for a search query. Hence, the results are completely organic.

. Content Marketing

It’s is also one of the important marketing tactics when it comes to inbound marketing. Publishing unique content completely for the sake of users or customer’s benefit will help to improve your brand’s identity.

Hence, conversions and ROI.  

. Social Media

Thinking of Facebook?

Well, social media is not limited to Facebook only. Rather, a lot of social media channels are helping different types of brands to excel in terms of customer engagement.

For instance, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter are some of the other channels that you can explore for your brand. 

Other than these, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Quora is taking a step forward in making the lives of millions of users easier than before. 

. Landing Pages

PPC ads are helping in generating leads.

But, in reality, it is the magic of landing pages that convert leads into buyers.

So, it is essential to make a clean, and valuable landing page that influences visitors to buy your product. 


In the midst of finding a foothold in the online market, inbound marketing is something that will help to shape your brand where customers are put in the driving seat. 

Use inbound marketing to put across your brand’s mission, motto, or idea of doing something in simpler but effective words. 

Hence, enabling your brand to engage customers 24/7.

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