Basics of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing means having an influencer to promote your brand, increase exposure to the audience and help you sell more products. If you have inspired people to follow you, you have exercised influence. It was limited to celebrities and top-notch bloggers a decade ago. Now, the numbers of such influencers have risen, saturating the market and eventually getting caught up in fraud. All small and big businesses are using influencers to promote their services. 

Influencer marketing works because of the trust that social influencers have built up with their following and followers. The brand partnership has turned influencer marketing into a full-time career if you play your cards right. The industry has revolutionized the way brands stay connected with shoppers. 


Why are influencers a popular choice for business?

Influencers come with a lot of diversity and they are relatable to many. A beauty brand may employ MAC while a health brand would want to go for Kayla Itsines. The options seem to be never-ending in the era of social media. Influencers are trendsetters who effectively reach your target audience and regulate purchasing decisions. They help you expand your brand reach by providing valuable content ensuring valuable partnership on both sides. Marketers can highly benefit themselves through influencer accounts with more than 2.5 million followers. Investing in influencer marketing is a long-term relationship and it takes time to strengthen the bond between the brand and its consumers.


Mega, Macro, and Micro-influencers

Mega: 1 million followers, Macro: 100,000 – 1 million followers and Micro: 10,000- 100,000 followers. 

Mega influencers are mostly celebrities and internet personalities. Working with them is a good option if mass brand awareness is your goal. Brands need to watch out if they can afford them or not. 

Macro influencers offer the best of both worlds. They have a large and engaged audience and understand their target audience inside out. They prioritize maintaining strong connections with their followers.

Micro-influencers are more trusted by the audience for relevant brands and their product information. People can work with them at minimal investment and have better engagement rates for their audience.


How do influencers work?

Giveaways, Social Media Takeover, sponsoring content, Affiliate marketing, and Brand Ambassadors are some of the ways influencers use to increase engagement with a certain brand.  

  • Influencers use their power and influence on social media to facilitate Giveaways. They host a contest to promote the brand and ask their followers to like, share and comment to win the contest. Giveaways are inexpensive with low cost and organization.
  • Takeovers help the audience build personal connections with the brand. Influencers should be carefully chosen for this type of promotion.
  • Paid partnerships are also an effective way for brand promotion. The brand pays for the service and the influencer publishes the content on social media.


Conclusion– Influencer marketing has succeeded in providing brands with efficient and focused steps to reach targeted audiences. Overall, it is the fastest-growing marketing in the industry and is continuing to expand further.


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 Why Sustainable Brands Need Digital Marketing ASAP:  Know the Truth


Running an ad campaign to gain an audience for a business is no longer enough. There has to be something more to it. Brands are, therefore, working harder to connect to their customers. However, sustainable brands have outgrown every category of brand promotion. Established brands are also gearing up and creating sustainable alternatives as sustainable marketing is the need of the hour.

Sustainable alternatives offer several advantages like winning customer loyalty, honing marketing play, promoting serious entrepreneurship, etc. And these things can be done right only through digital marketing. Below mentioned are the methods to market your sustainable brand.

Similar vision Brand Influencers

Partnership with influencers sharing the same business strategies as yours is highly recommended as they promote business to a large audience. They spread your brand message which you should ensure is strong enough to influence people. This will keep your business in good light.

SEO is Mandatory

Search Engine Optimisation is beneficial for your business as it highlights your business on the top of the Search Engine Result Page. The use of the right keywords attracts more visitors. Your rate of conversion will increase and your business will improve highly.  Your business will stay on the top of Google search with relevant search.

Make your Customers Your Business Advocate

You can ask for feedback from your customers and tell them to display the benefits of your services to the world. Brands are now focusing highly on user-generated content which enables you to sit back and let the consumers run the show. Make personal content for the users as they like to know that they matter.

Develop Campaigns with Issues

Users come across issues and problems everywhere. This can be your marketing campaign. Making a video on a specific cause revolving around your product and then getting it shared widely through your customers will also promote sustainable marketing branding. Informing people about the need for such services and the solutions they offer would be great. This increases the demand, creates more opportunities and customer purchases. 

Targeting the Correct Demographic

It is not a huge task to grab the attention of the audience for your services and products with the right available assistance. Google will provide relevant information to target your audience. People also use Facebook groups to portray their business to aim at the targeted audience. Although the process is time-consuming but it will be pocket-friendly. Delivering content with good entertainment to your loyal customers is necessary to sustain market branding.

Loyalty to your Brand

The brand message should be consistent on every channel and convey your story in a language that your audience understands. Nobody knows your brand better than you do. So, convince your customers by staying true to what you have advertised.

Conclusion- The scope of sustainable brands is wide as people are getting aware and concerned about ecology and the environment. The use of the best marketing strategies has helped in the marketing of sustainable brands and made business accessible to the audience.


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Why are Websites Important for the Growth of Small Businesses?


A Website helps every small business promote and sell services and products. Along with it, it also distinguishes them from their competitors. This factor is basically the reason small businesses should have a website of their own. Your website should represent your company with relevant information. It is a money-making machine that brings in new leads and customers.

Hire Web Designer- Hire a professional designer who can set up a site for you. The site should be dynamic and influential so that it can fetch you money when you start uploading your content. Small business owners lack the basic knowledge of designing a site for themselves. They end up hiring a designer who doesn’t focus on the performance but on the way the finished product looks. The performance of a website will govern the success of your business.

Answer Important Questions- Your website can answer questions. If you don’t have a website, you miss out on all the potential customers who do not ask about your services. Your website will also have some good and informative content that the world would not want to miss out on. 

Capture Leads

A website is important because it captures leads for your business. Calls to action should be added on your site’s landing pages. Having a proper site design and placing CTA in the right place will fetch you more money than the one that does not. 

Increase Exposure

You can increase the exposure to your business which is essential for the overall growth of your website. If someone searches something on Google, you would want him to come across your business. No one will ever come across your business unless the website is SEO optimized. This is undoubtedly very important.

Make a Purchase

Make sure that the customers don’t have to face issues while buying something from your website. You don’t want them to run away to some other site for the same product. A properly designed and optimized website will not let you down. Today, people are heavily occupied with their work so they are left with less time in which they would prefer to relax and have fun. At such a stage, the website should not come up with issues in the purchasing process.

24 Hour Advertising

Your website is a 24-hour hoarding for your business. You can advertise your business through your website even when you are not available 24 hours a day or 7 days a week.

Show You Exist

What proof do you have about the existence of your business? Your Website, Of course! Your business would show online only if you have a great combination of local SEO and a website. 

Find Customers

In the digital world, customers keep on searching on tablets and smartphones about businesses and products. They can come to your business only through your website. Content is the key. Helpful content provides a good user experience. If someone is looking for a product that your business also offers, your website has to show on the top otherwise you will miss out on the leads.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Consumers have the right to be informed about the products they purchase and from whom they buy. You may lose websites if you don’t have a website. A business with a website has an upper hand over the one that doesn’t. 

Conclusion- In the world of today, it is highly important to own a website if you have a small business. It is essential to make your existence felt by the customers.


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10 Marketing Agency Tips to Optimize a Landing Page

Landing Pages facilitate your customer to visit the online portal of your brand and convert traffic into qualified leads. This helps you impress your customers and keep them interested.  In some cases, your Homepage can also be your landing page. Landing Page optimization is known to be the best way to increase PPC campaign performance and maximize ROI. WordStream has come up with various page landing tips to help you make your campaign more effective. 

The steps and tricks given below directly impact your conversion rates:

  • Call-Only Campaigns

Users tend to convert more likely from a mobile SERP as compared to desktop SERP. Businesses are worth more just like clicks, calling for abandoning the traditional landing page through Call-only campaigns. AdWords help you include phone numbers as a part of your ad thereby, enabling the audience to contact you through the ad itself.

  • Use of Video on Landing Page

Including videos on your Landing page can work wonders. It conveys the idea in an interesting manner without having them read the text. This in a way reinforces your branding.

  • Use ‘Power words’

You can make your landing page even more powerful by using the voice of your customer. Power words mean selecting words carefully to convey your emotions. They trigger curiosity among the audience and make the life of the marketer a bit easier as it increases the chances of your content going viral.

  • ‘The Voice of the Customer

Considering designs is important for the success of a landing page, but copying is equally important- if not more so. An effective and compelling landing page can be built by using ‘the voice of the customer’. Many landing pages are flooded with buzzwords and terminology taken from sales training manuals. Conversion rates can be increased by interacting with customers in their language.

  • Mobile-Friendly Page Landing Forms

Mobile ads are effective as they appeal to the customers to buy something instantly. This also means that you need to put some extra effort to make it easy for the customers to convert on the go. 

  • Position of Forms

Focusing on the position of forms on the landing page is highly important but few marketers tend to avoid it. Form position consideration has undoubtedly resulted in high conversion rates.

  • Changing the Sign-up Flow

It is said that small optimizations yield small results. Changing button colors and font-kerning is the sheer wastage of time as you miss out on huge conversions. Big changes are required to see big results. 

  • Message Consistently Between Ads and Landing Pages

This may seem easy but many advertisers fail drastically at it. If there is no link between what the ad and landing page delivers, you may end up breaking your URL making things worse for yourself. The matching ad and landing page message results in a smooth user experience. Don’t forget to keep your messaging consistent.

  • Use New Ad formats

Today, you can use new ad formats and get rid of landing pages altogether. There are several ad formats available that significantly reduce the use of landing pages. They don’t affect your conversion rates and are more effective than traditional landing pages. You can be ahead in the competition.

  • Killer Call to Action

Using ‘submit’ as your action call is now outdated. Calls to Action eliminate the difference between bounce and conversion. Having a good CTA is important for your landing page.

Conclusion- Landing pages have helped businesses to flourish a great deal and produce large amounts of sales. But, with the introduction of new ad formats, the need for landing pages has decreased manifolds.


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Content is King but Your Website is the Kingdom That Deserves Attention

You must have heard that content is king in digital marketing and most people agree with this. But, where is the Kingdom? A Website is the point of the centre for all content marketers and the Kingdom. The extract is taken from Bill Gate’s essay written in 1996. He also said that in the future, content is where the money will be. And he was right. You have to create really good content if you want to be successful in the market with a great website. 

When it comes to the efficiency of a website, Content is a King. But, a website’s design can incredibly increase the chances of scrolling more. It increases visibility only if the structure is well designed.

Website Centred Content website

You integrate your front office, profile, and much more through your website as it is the centre of all your business activities. When you get to see results through your marketing strategies, more customers start landing on your website from various platforms. You have got to entertain them with rich and relevant content. 

Website Designing

You can get your website designed by the best. High-quality content and user experience are essential to driving traffic to your website. If somehow, you fail at it, the users will bounce away from your respective website without making any purchases. User-friendly content ensures that your website stays on your website for a longer period and makes purchases. Simple and straightforward honest information may also help in engaging a visitor with your content.

Onsite Blog

Every established website comes with an onsite blog offering valuable details on the things that a particular business deals with. Various Insights, services, and solutions about a product and company help a customer decide whether he wants to purchase that product or not. This creates a faithful and loyal relationship between the customer and the brand itself. Reliable information attracts more customers thereby, increasing traffic. 

Accuracy, reliability, and easy-to-understand information are the main building blocks of content marketing.  You should understand and devote time to thinking about the benefits your content will provide to your customers. Your efforts go in vain without clarity and focus.

Grid-Based layouts

Placing content on your website randomly in an unorganized way would look very unpleasing and messy to the viewer’s eyes. Grid-Based Layouts seem to be the better option if someone is stuck in this problem. They arrange content into sections, columns, and boxes balancing each other and creating a pleasing website.


Navigation means how easy it is for people to surf your website. Follow the ‘three-click rule, users will find the information they need within three clicks. 

Mobile Friendly

You cannot take your laptops everywhere you travel, check updates, and read the information. Smartphones are always at our fingertips, our all-time companion. It has now become easy to access websites even if you are standing in a departmental store or sitting in your classroom. Make sure that your site is mobile-friendly.

Loading time

No one likes a site that takes minutes to load. Customers often get annoyed at this and end up closing the site even before the loading gets completed. This gives your competitor an advantage over you and you definitely wouldn’t want that to happen. Optimize image sizes and combine codes into CSS or JavaScript files.

Conclusion- Content may be King but a King is nothing without a kingdom rather than a wandering peasant. Content and website go hand in hand to boost your marketing skills.


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Ways to Optimize Website for Google Voice Search?

Google Voice search allows users to search the web by speaking commands instead of typing. It can be used on desktop and mobile as well. Users have to speak ‘OK Google’ through voice command and then speak the topic you want to search. The search engine will then display the results of your command. It is more convenient for a user to speak rather than typing.

Voice Search may seem like a small concept but it has gained importance over time and people cannot get enough of it. The concept got its inauguration from smartphones and then spread to voice assistants worldwide. Google voice search has changed the way Google handles search queries. Teenagers are proven to be savvy users of voice search.

The Hummingbird Update

Google launched a major update in 2013- the Google Hummingbird. It considered user intent and contextual meaning of queries.  It relies on Natural Language Processing that recognizes voice, interests, and behavior. With the passage of time, Google learns your voice, language, and accent. It had a positive effect on the accuracy of Google’s knowledge.

Ways to optimize a website for Google Voice Search?

If you want to be a successful marketer in 2021, you will have to adapt to the latest trends and give the audience the means to access your website. Earlier SEO strategy focused on text search but now you have to prepare it for position V.

Position V is the voice search result read out aloud by Alexa, Google, or any other assistant. Everything depends on how well you optimize the pages for voice search. You can optimize a website in the following ways:

  • Page Speed Optimisation

Google prefers websites that load quickly. Out of the two websites, the one site which gets faster load results is on the top of the search list. That is why speed is important for all types of search whether written or voice-based.

  • Securing Website with SSL

Google also secures websites that are secured and most importantly certified. HTTPS ensures the visitor that your site can be trusted and lead to good online practices.

  • Creating FAQ page for Website

For voice search optimization you should be able to provide your readers with relevant answers. You should be well versed with the most common and basic information about your industry that users can ask verbally. 

  • Create Long-Form Content

SEO depends basically on the quality of your content. Articles should prove to be helpful to your target audience. Good content has the ability to draw them to you. The search engines will rank it better and people may become regular readers.

  • Create Short-Form Content

Long-form content is useful but short-form content can also help you to attract people for answers to their questions. This increases influence and grows your pool of readers.

  • Simple Words and Short Sentences

People who use voice search ask simple questions that assistants can understand and translate into results easily. If the answer is right and valid then it is likely that people will click on the link and open it. 

  • Social Media Activities

Everyone uses at least one platform of social media today to connect with their friends and family, read news, share information, and update stories. If you have some content that has the potential to go viral, then there is no other platform better than social media to share your content.

Voice Search has emerged as a new trend and marketers need to adapt it to survive in the new online world. Little and consistent efforts are needed to make your website voice optimized.


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 Why Page Load Speed Shouldn’t be a Universal Solution?

Agencies and business owners misuse page speed tests because of the fear of pressure that the leading search engine sparked into people. However, Google properties and code snippets are often the culprits behind the slow page load speed. This poor score of Google page speed is because it runs on 1.7 Mbps which is very poor. Also, it uses critically low CPU bandwidth per test. Businesses that offer free-to-use tools would prefer bandwidth and resources with limitations when operating the tool. 

No site can score a perfect grade and is quite impossible to achieve it. You may lose your sanity if you try for perfection by following all the suggestions Google Page Speed makes. Sometimes the suggestions may be unrealistic or impossible.

Tests for developers

This test doesn’t intend to be used by anyone who doesn’t speak code. Anyone can read the reported documentation, but not everyone can make the sense out of it. Professional web developers know the important metrics, what to ignore and when to ignore. 3+ seconds is a satisfactory score when a user needs that information. However, the average time before a user leaves that page is 8 seconds. 

Speed tests optimize scores rather than users. It is like writing content for SEO purposes than for human beings. Optimizing for users means delivering the experience in the shortest load time possible. However, you can optimize speed tests with little assets to get fast load results. This is tricky as you need the assets to be available to create a particular user experience and automated tests lack the ability to recognize them. They will suggest you reduce the maximum possible bytes for performance. 

No account for the Website Needs

The result of the speed test as compared to another website depends on many factors. High-quality images are required for e-commerce or image portfolios. Small photos can work for small blogs. The automated tool sees things in a different way and scans the websites according to a set standard. What might be ‘negative’ for one website may be ‘ideal’ for another.

Faulty Tests

People are unaware of the flaws that speed tests come up with. Obsolete recommendations and third-party request penalties are two of them. In obsolete recommendations, page speed tests cannot account for modern web technologies and in third-party request penalties, the tests highlight the slow speed load time for external requests.

Page speed tests fail eye testing. A person can judge the idleness of a website by the speed it loads up. The user experience will not be affected if the loading speed is fast which in turn will also not hinder the things loading in the background. Eye testing is the most reliable way to examine how fast page loads.


People who lack the knowledge about being a programmer or developer on these platforms might forget about them. They should instead focus on making the website load as fast as possible to give a smooth experience to the users. 


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Digital Marketing Predictions for 2021

The pandemic situation has made everyone realize the value of digital marketing. The traditional marketing methods and the businesses run without online support were the worst affected, and on the other hand, you could have noticed that Digital marketing exploded in dominating ways. Now we are moving on to the new normal, adapting to different things in our life.

Coming to the topic, in this fast-paced world, it is crucial to predict the trendsetter that is going to rule this year, 2021. In this article, I have done some research and have predicted five things that digital marketers must know to win the horse race.

1. More dependability on AI and Machine Learning

It’s not a new story that AI and machine learning have taken over the traditional marketing ways and will have a dominating hand in the future. In fact, these technologies have made it possible to dive deep into the customer’s insights and have a better understanding of their niche audiences.

Already some software like Albert, Datarama has started grooming digital marketing into better shape. This year, we can expect some AI and ML features to influence Voice & visual search, Audience Hyper-segmentation, Email marketing optimization, content recommendations, etc., in digital marketing. If you haven’t started implementing these big techies yet, it is high time now. 

2. Video Marketing is expected to dominate as usual.

People couldn’t have survived locked up in their house without Youtube. This gives us a major lesson that video marketing is another influential component that can largely grab customers’ attention. All major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn are upgrading themselves into video feeds. An insane report/statistics show people worldwide have watched around 1.1 billion hours of live videos. So now our question is, don’t you think you must tip your toe into this new digital marketing fashion?

3. Voice search will bloom more.

We, humans, have become so lazy.. wait let me put it in this way, we have found voice search more convenient than typing. It also saves our time and we must thank Amazon Alexa and Google Home speakers for bringing this revolution. 

We think it’s crucial to mention the positive influence of voice search in content writing here, the use of long-tail keywords is growing only because of voice search, and this trend will continue to grow. With Twitter introducing voice tweets and LinkedIn letting you record your name pronunciation, we can easily predict that voice search will significantly influence Digital Marketing.

4. Personalization and customer experience will play a big game.

Your customers are prime. In today’s world, the customer’s buying journey is not straightforward. If you have looked into it, you can get the point that many are interested in brands, and we have the responsibility to nurture our relationship with the customers on websites, mainly through email and social media.

Personalization and customer experience are important, and we can encourage the customers to review the products bought online and thus attract new ones. 

5. Live chats join this list.

At present, instant communication expectation among the customers is on the rise. Customers expect their time and money to be valued. For example, if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, the customer moves to the next website. Thus your competitor grabs your traffic. So the world demands instant gratification and so having a live chat is crucial.

Social media and chatbots have made it possible to instantly reply to customer queries, and AI has also greatly contributed to its part. So we can expect this instant communication to grow more; thus, investing in this feature plays a vital role.


Google update & organic listings

Last but not least, nothing scares a digital marketer other than a Google update. The customer’s taste keeps changing regularly, and Google keeps updating its search algorithm; for instance, remember 2020’s May update, it was massive. So keeping in mind all these things, we can survive any update if we practice organic listings.

Final words:

Suppose you have read this article till the end, kudos for your effort. You might have analyzed one major part in this article, Technology; new technologies are evolving. So we must also upgrade digital marketing ways and follow the predictions to get along with the trendsetters of 2o21.


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6 Ways to Repurpose Content with Instagram’s Most Popular Features

Social media becomes unbelievably powerful after re-purposing the content you already have. Instagram stumped entrepreneurs for firms without a model translated into visible imagery. It’s becoming difficult to ignore Instagram as a social media strategy. People visit Instagram not only for pictures but for almost everything including news.

Now it has become easier to market for a non-visual brand because of the latest added features and the user trends enabled. This is the case when people create content for other channels as the popular and engaging trends are perfect to repurpose content.

  • Use of Instagram carousels to summarize long-form content

What are Instagram carousels? Carousels share long-form written content for platforms like blog posts, eBooks, podcasts, and emails. The way you want to go about it depends on creating native content or driving people to the original content. Native-only carousel can be summarised in the longer form in 1-2 slides each. Interesting quotes and information can be used to create a teaser for the original content to let people swipe through. Use CTA on the last slide to make people visit the full content.

  • Organize posts into an Instagram guide

This feature was originally created to share information about COVID-19 and now the feature is being used by many users. Guides collect past posts in a scrollable sequence which can be shared on its own. URLs can be shared on stories and feeds. This feature lets the user get the whole story without leaving the platform

  • Resizing YouTube videos for IGTV

Although IGTV isn’t as new as carousels and guides, still a lot of brands hesitate to use it even while creating videos on platforms like Facebook or YouTube. Creating an IGTV friendly video becomes quite simple with editing softwares. YouTube video caption can also be used as the IGTV caption and can be uploaded from your pc. Instagram’s algorithm surfaces IGTV videos and the users are hungry for such content.

  •  Screenshot Best Tweets

Never forget to take a screenshot of your best tweets. If you are not yet on Twitter, then there are design templates that help you create quote graphics that look like tweets, saving you from sending an actual tweet. Quote shared as a screenshot of tweet performs better than sharing the same quote in a different style. People like to add some photo in the background to fancy it up.

  •   Video Teasers and Clips

You can also use short video clips to promote the entire video that you have uploaded on IGTV or YouTube. This will help you to get more than one Instagram post from one video.  

Also, Check out How does a business defines digital marketing?

  • Highlight stories with the best content

Share your Instagram feed to your Stories. Users who watch stories more often than the feed can get to your post through them. The stories then can be saved as a highlight on your profile.


Repurposing content can give your profile an excellent boost with minimal effort.  It is worth experimenting with as it can drive people to your profile and you can make the most out of it.


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Google Ads or Facebook Ads – What’s best?

The most popular and worldwide used ‘Google’ and ‘Facebook’ have changed the ways of advertising and marketing. Google AdWords and Facebook Ads come up with the option of targeting and retargeting a particular audience. The audience can be targeted by gender, age, revenue, and many other things. Both networks deliver excellent results because they dominate the industry in advertising. Google something has become a part of our daily routine. 

Advertisements help you to build brand awareness, spread information, remind curious buyers and provide more than one purchase pathway. Both the platforms show in-content ads through banner blindness. But which platform is good for me? Where should I spend money- Google Ads or Facebook Ads? It is one of the most common questions businesses ask for.

The truth is, when it comes to the comparison, both are doing very differently. However, one of them can be better than the other depending on your goal, business, and target audience. 

What are Google Ads?

It is an online advertising platform where advertisers bid to display advertisements. The ads can be placed on search engines like Google search and on non-search websites. More than 40000 search queries are processed every second and it has grown consistently since early 2000.

Google AdWords has evolved as the most prominent pay-per-click advertising platform. The sponsored are shown on the right corner of the screen and they show relevant ads to your search query. 

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are paid social ads which enable the consumers to connect with their friends and participate in topics and businesses they like. Last year, Facebook Ads accounted for online ad spend was 25%. 

The biggest advantage that Facebook has over Google is that Facebook knows our social behavior. We subconsciously reveal more information on Facebook than required.

Emotions like your birth date, the pages you have liked, your friends, and so on have a huge impact on our purchasing decision. They pinpoint your target customer and advertise to the people who may be interesting in buying your product. 

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

The main difference lies in the way how products are shown to customers. 

  • Facebook prioritizes the interest of the user, while Google uses keywords and shows ads to the users who specifically search for a product. 
  • Facebook isn’t based on the search query of a user and lets an advertiser target users through their behaviors, likes, and dislikes. 

Facebook Insights and Google Analytics help you know the impression of your page. 

What’s Recommended?

Earlier, print media used to be the go-to-market strategy for businesses. But today people have advanced and improved business tools at their disposal. Google vs Facebook ads depends on your audience and your services.

If you have started a new business, then a lead campaign on Google will provide you with a better return on investment. Your ad quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to ad bidding wars in the competition. For some specific keywords, Google Ads can cost higher. Google is good only if the target market is huge. 

Unlike the comparatively dry, text-based PPC cousins, Facebook ads are powerfully visualized with the videos, images, and other visual content in users’ News Feeds. This enables advertisers to leverage not only the strongly persuasive qualities of visual ads but to do so in a way that conveys the aspirational messaging that makes high-quality ads so compelling.


There can never be a specific answer to choose between the two as Google and Facebook have different essential strategies for advertising. Every industry is different. You can get the maximum benefit only if you understand them thoroughly.

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